Jason Cappelli has been an aspiring athlete and sports enthusiast from a young age. Jason’s competitive nature was born when his father, who was a professional baseball-player exposed him to a world few are lucky to experience. He grew up playing a host of sports and went to the University of New Mexico to study health and fitness. In his early 20s, his life was turned upside down when he learned he had thyroid cancer. He never fully physically recovered and his former active life became a distant memory.

He thought competitive sports were behind him until a friend, who was a former Porsche cup driver invited him out to the racetrack. After car control exercises and a few laps around the track, he fell in love with racing. Once again he felt the competitive drive that he longed for. He was once again able to push himself and measure his performance despite his physical limitations. Since then he has broken numerous track records and continues to dominate on the racetrack.